Indonesia type Approval

Berikut beberapa produk yang telah di sertifikasi di indonesia :

1. Aethra S.P.A Technology

Video Confrence Vega-x7

Video Confrence Vega-X5

Video Confrence Vega-X3

Video phone Maia XC

2. Screen Service Broad Casting

Digital transmitter ( DBT 102UB)

Analog Digital transmitter ( SDT 203UM-W )

Digital transmitter ( DBT 502UB )

3. PT. Selat lintas Utara

Aracom PDH Microwave Solution

4. PT. Jalawave

MIkrotik Wirelles outdoor

5. PT. Anindotama Perkasa

Cellmax Antena

7. PT. Suyajaya Teknotama

Antenna Dual Polarized

Antenna dual Polarized Esy

8. Comba Telecom

Antenna Dual Polarized

9. PT Alcorp Techno partner

HP. Black Berry 8100

HP. Black Berry 8800

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