Type Approval Logitech mouse

Cordlles Mouse Logitech M-R 007

Number of channels 12 channels
Type of Modulation □ GFSK
Techincal of Modulation □ GFSK
Transmitter or Transceiver Transceiver
frequency hopping or not frequency hopping not frequency hopping
Carrier frequencies 2405, 2408, 2414, 2417, 2432, 2435, 2441, 2444, 2462,
2665, 2471, 2474
Channel switching frequency range 2405 MHz – 2474 MHz
Channel bandwidth 2MHz
Modulation GFSK 2Mbps
Please help to confirm if product has AFH function? NO
Method of frequencies generation crystal + PLL/ , IF = 2 Mhz
LO (TX) = channel frequency + 2MHz
LO (RX)= channel frequency + 2MHz
aggregate Data rate 2 Mbps
duty cycle Tx: <6%, RX: < 26% (1*TX + 4*RX)
Transmitter modulation 0dB, Modulation: GFSK
Transmission range 30 foot typical, free space.
Antenna PCB printed antenna, quarter wave
Effective radiated power: Antenna gain –> 0.5dBi
Power conducted –> 0 dBm
Antenna Type Printed quarter wave line on PCB
Power source: 1 sets of AA batteries, NiMh
Nominal DC voltage 1.2 V
operating voltage 1V~1.5V
Extreme Temperature range 0°C to +40°CM-r007

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