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  1. test

  2. I just need to know the cost of this projector – HS200G-JE in US$, please?

  3. Hi, We are Malaysia Manufacturer of Safety Shoes intend to apply for
    SNI Certification. Can we know how to come about ? and what are
    the procedure ? and charges like ???
    We have potential customers in Indonesia ., but required us to
    produce SNI in order to export to their market.

    Awaiting for your reply asap.

    Thanks n regards,
    Ms Judy

  4. We at Defiance Technologies Ltd.-A multinational company under Hinduja Group are working on Automobile Projects for National & International Clients. Currently we are developing the car for our international client for Indian Market. In broader way we are responsible from design & development to validation & homologation.

    As the launch of model will be by 2014, we want to be updated on forthcoming norms & regulations so that the changes can be incorporated at design stage itself.

    Here we are interested in homologation & type approval of our car model for Indonesia. So let us know:
    1) Which is the approved test agency?
    2) Who is contact person as a single window?
    3) Do u accept ECE or India certificate for your country?
    4) What are the formalities to be followed to be in touch with you?

    It will be great help to us if you can be with you.

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