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Standarisasi Untuk Mendukung Kepastian Dan Efisiensi Transaksi

Guna meningkatkan kompetensi asesor/ auditor dalam mata rantai penilaian kesesuaian, Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN) melalui Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) menyelenggarakan seminar internasional asesor/ auditor. Sasarannya adalah untuk meningkatkan nilai (value) kegiatan audit sehingga dapat memperbaiki manajemen industri yang berdampak kepada meningkatnya efektivitas dan meningkatkan daya saing di dalam persaingan, membantu perusahaan dalam membangun hubungan yang kuat dengan pelanggan guna keberlangsungan bisnis dan konsolidasi corporate governance. Hal ini penting dilakukan dilakukan mengingat peran asesor/auditor yang berpegang pada prinsip dan kode etik auditor seperti profesionalisme, impartial dan berdasarkan fakta maka auditor harus menyampaikan laporan yang benar, fair dan dapat dipertangungjawabkan.

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AT&T to buy Wi-Fi partner Wayport

The recession is starting to hit telecom vendors, but so far it hasn’t put a crimp in the major telcos M&A efforts. With Verizon set to close on Alltel, AT&T has announced its plan to buy Wayport, a U.S. Wi-Fi provider, for US$275 in cash (see: Wi-Fi hits the hot spot).

Already an AT&T Wi-Fi partner, Wayport brings its national network of Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity and enterprise portfolio to the table, and a footprint consisting of high-end business access points in locations such as select Wyndham, Marriot Vacation Club and Four Seasons hotels; HealthSouth and Sun Healthcare locations, as well as the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

If the deal goes through, AT&T’s domestic Wi-Fi footprint would jump to almost 20,000 hotspots, and a total of 80,000 locations worldwide. AT&T expects its premier global brand, market presence and well-heeled enterprise sales team will be the perfect match with Wayport’s core competence in enabling and managing applications over an integrated network, and will bring in Wi-Fi customers in major verticals where AT&T does not currently have a major presence, such as the hospitality, health care, education and retail sectors.
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NTT DOCOMO to release 22 new handsets

NTT DOCOMO announced later this month it is going to launch 22 mobile handsets in four new series: Style, Prime, Smart and Pro.

Currently, DOCOMO serves over 53 million customers, including 46 million people subscribing to FOMA, one of the first WCDMA-based 3G mobile services previously launched in 2001. The company also offers a wide variety of mobile multimedia services, including i-mode, the popular mobile e-mail/Internet service, used by 48 million people.

By shifting from its existing lineup of mainly 90xi and 70xi series handsets (currently the 906i and 706i), DOCOMO expects its latest handset series to exceed the expectations of customers at a time when the mobile phone market has become highly matured and user needs have greatly diversified.

docomo STYLE series: Designed like accessories and offered in a wide range of fashionable designs and colours, these phones are for individuals who want to project the latest ‘look’.

docomo PRIME series:As a multimedia-centric phone, the docomo PRIME series is designed specifically for those users that want to access video, games and other forms of entertainment.

docomo SMART series:Sophisticated phones for busy people who need productivity and require to enhance the management of their professional and private lives.

docomo PRO Series:As the most advanced mobile phone in the series, docomo PRO, which includes both the Blackberry Bold and Nokia’s E71, is designed for customers that want cutting-edge digital tools and the latest mobile technology.

The reorganization of the handset line-up to offer more choices reflects the strengthened customer-oriented approach in all facets of DOCOMO’s business since April this year when the company introduced new branding and the new DOCOMO Commitments proclamation to emphasize its dedication to full customer satisfaction.