Type approval

Indonesia Compliance

1Form_ PM 4 & 5shall be filled in in advanced, 1 form (FR PM 4 and FR PM 5) for 1 type of equipment).

2.Company legal documents, such as company establishment act, operational license and tax registration number (NPWP).

3.Technical documents, manual book, brochures and technical specification of the equipment.

4.Authorized distributor shall attach reference letter from the manufacturer or principal for its assignment as the distributor.

5.Importer shall attach Special Import Identification Number (NPIK).

6.In relation to Mutual Recognizion Arangement (MRA), applicant shall attach test report issued by accredited test lab (ISO 17025).

Upon the receipt of the application letter, terms and condition of the application will be checked and determined the technical regulation for test reference.

If terms and conditions is fullfiled and technical regulation available, within maximum 5 days the letter of payment order (SP2) and test reference letter (SP3) will be issued, for equipment test which is conducted by the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications (DGPT) Test House. If the equipment test is to be conducted by Telkom Risti Bandung, only SP3 will be issued.

If technical regulation for test reference is not yet available, then formulation of technical regulation shall be done in advanced. Certification process can not be further proceed until the technical regulation determined by the Director General of Posts and Telecommunictions.

tarif standarisasi 1

tarif standarisasi 2

tarif standarisasi 3



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